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Uk Car Auctions

Founded in 2005. Motor Imports Originally specialised in the Import of Japanese Used motor vehicles and New cars from Mainland Europe.

However with market and regulatory changes affecting the supply and stock of cars from Japan, We have responded to enable the supply of quality UK cars to all RHD countries Worldwide.

Company Founder Jason Duffy is the 3rd Generation of a Famous Motor trade family and has spent his life inspecting and selecting the best vehicles for retail motor dealers.

Hard earned experience on the ground Buying cars in Japan, Singapore, Southern Africa and Mainland Europe for over 20 years Have been utilised to provide a quality Auction buying service For UK cars.

Having worked with the Japanese used car Agency system for twenty years, we have set out to replicate the system in the UK. Our aim is to buy cars for overseas buyers direct from Auctions and Fleet companies and only charge an agency fee for our service. This saves our trade buyers a huge amount of money and means they get first choice of the best available stock.

Our team are hand Trained to Body Repair Assessor standards and we aim to cover all major auctions and Private sales throughout the UK.

Motor Imports currently export Thousands of cars yearly but Moving forward we are delighted to introduce new Markets to serve every year

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