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UK Car Auctions

Uk Car Auctions. Buying at BCA and Manheim

The UK Is home to several auction houses that sell cars of the highest standards. Many of these cars come direct from distributors or from large multinational fleet and leasing companies. High street names such as Lex Autolease, Arval,Leaseplan, G.E Capital and UK Car Group to name just a few.

On an average week in the UK auction network there will be well in access of twenty thousand quality units going to the block.

We will only purchase cars from the major multinational auction groups.

Buying through these trusted auction houses we can be sure of the cars provenance and can be certain that the car will have been experian checked for finance and previous insurance register classification.

Although the major auctions cover most regions we tend to target sales that will have stock that will be of most benefit to our customers. This is usually Modern Vat Qualifying cars from Major Leaseing companies or direct from the fleet arm of distributors such as VW/Audi Finance, BMW Group, Toyota/Lexus GB and Mercedes Benz Finance.

Subscribers to our auction newsletter will be sent a complete car auction schedule every friday evening detailing the sales we are planning to attend for the following week. Any of our current customers can ask us to provide auction catalogues prior to the sales and we can give our advice on potential targets and potential prices prior to the sales event.

Major auctions will provide a photographic report and an inspection report for each vehicle listed on their system. Although the auction reports are a poor indicator of a cars overall condition they are an indicator and can highlight any obvious faults with any cars you were hoping to bid on at the auction.

The auction report will usually list other important information like service records, number of owners information and outline of extra specification. We will also know in advance of the sale if the V5 registration document is present with the vehicle. As we need an ownership document to book a vehicle for shipping we will usually avoid bidding on cars that do not have logbooks present. If pre arranged we are happy to seek a replacement logbook from DVLA once you are aware that this may delay shipping for two to six weeks depending on DVLA response.

We have our own accounts with all major UK car auctions and we can also liase with the accounts team to set up your own accounts direct with the auctions if you are planning on buying in bulk and would rather take care of vat reclaims personally.

All of the major auctions have transport departments and can offer a well priced logistics solution for all your purchases. We can also offer our own third party transport solutions. Usually for prestige cars of high value or when speed is of the essence and we need a car rushed to the dock to make a boat in time for a scheduled sailing.

We have agreements in place with major New Zealand shipping companies to get priority shipping and can get any car picked up and delivered to your forecourt in Ireland.

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