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Any UK cars that we purchase have been Experian checked before the sale to insure that they are free of finance agreements,have not been stolen and are not listed as a total loss on any insurance registers. Any car or van purchased from Auction will come with copies of Auction sheets and invoices direct from the sale room.

Bca and Manheim warrant the mileage for most cars that come from trusted suppliers with service history under four years old(sometimes much older). Just because a car has managed to avoid being listed as previously damaged does not make it infallible. Our inspectors will carry out further on site testing to determine any major panel damage or structural damage. It is the policy of some vendors to forego warranting the mileage on the cars they enter, we will examine the service and MOT records of each car on an individual basis and discuss with the customer.

Our buyers will not bid on any cars where there is a suspicion of odometer tampering or even valid replacement by a dealer.

Clocking at the major UK auctions does not happen often but we tally service records,ownership history,Expired Mot certificates and Leasing company maintenance print outs to satisfy ourselves 100%

For cars purchased from Dealers and Fleet Remarketing companies.

We Make sure all of our cars are clear of any finance Agreements

Have not been subject to an Insurance loss due to accident damage or theft and

Are not listed on any Police registers. We use HPI..The industry Gold standard.

In addition we check a cars V5(Logbook) with DVLA to ensure the car is listed correctly as the make and model it should be.We will also check fo any colour change oor in the case of commercial vehicles upgrades to factory spec that are VOSA certified.

We also check a cars MOT history on the VOSA database to ensure that tested mileage matches with Service records. If there are any advisories or fails flagged we make sure we can account for any documented repairs or Inform you if we believe faults are still current and need addressing.

It is standard practice for any car to come with a HPI check prior to shipping.

Furthermore we keep a database of every car that we purchase and export. In years to come you can come back to us and we will still have purchase information and mileage details logged on our servers.

Example of a HPI Certificate

hpi sample

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