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SMA | Scotish Motor Auctions

Now operating for over thirty five years the Scottish Motor Group are the largest independent chain of used car auctions doing business in the UK. Originally only doing business from their Edinborough and Kinross auction centres, the group has moved south of the border with auction centres now in Leeds, Newcastle and Birmingham.

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We can send Auction staff to inspect and bid on cars in all venues.

As we don’t regularly attend auctions at the SMA-Group we will need considerable prior intent so we have time to organise our buyer to attend.

We can offer to inspect vehicles and send our findings to you prior to the auction start. After consultation we can bid for the vehicles on your behalf to your price guidelines, afterwards we make sure that all invoicing and paperwork will be sent on to your account.

Many of our customers still prefer to actually bid on their own vehicles with the  Livebid Online bidding system. We can still inspect vehicles on your behalf and advise you pre-purchase of the exact condition of a vehicle. We can tell you about the vehicles previous history and paintwork and we can give a cost estimate for mechanical and cosmetic repairs that will need to be attended to prior to retail. We can also email comprehensive photographs and inspection reports prior to the sale start. Armed with this information live-bidders can increase their purchase rate dramatically.

SMA Have regular Auctions at the following venues:

Kinross: Bridgend Kinross KY13 8EN. Phone +44 1577 862564
Auctions Monday to Saturday. Call for Details.

Edinburgh: 1 Dunlop Square Deans Industrial Estate Livingston, Edinburgh EH54 8SB. Phone +44 1506 418309
Auctions Monday to Thursday. Call for Details.

Newcastle: Shadon Way Portobello Ind Est Birtley Co Durham DH3 2SW. Phone +44 191 410 4243
Auctions Monday to Friday. Call for Details.

Leeds: Pontefract Lane, Cross Green Business Park, Leeds, LS9 0PS. Phone +44 113 294 1111
Auctions Monday to Friday. Call for Details.

We require Prior notification before we can guarantee Auction Attendance.
We aim to cover the largest sales and prioritise sales with the most customer requests.
We require an Intention to bid email confirmation before we can discuss Market prices and suggested bid amounts before we allocate staff to inspect.

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