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UK Car Auction Prices

UK Car Auction Prices.

In the UK there are several established used car pricing guides and data to compare.

All the major auctions make Cap and Glass Guide valuations available for registered card holding members.

The industry standard currently is Cap Auctioneers, Buyers and Underwriters will always look to Cap Clean as the most accurate underwrite price for a used car in the UK.

The next guide is the long established Glass Guide We find Glass Guide to more accurate with retail pricing and high spec low volume cars. The book is also easier to read on the go than Caps black book so is handy for carrying to auction.(monthly guide books can run to 1700 pages !)

Another price guide system which is being used more frequently by trade networks and non auction remarketing groups is Deltapoint-Trade More often used by dealers and is a good indicator of retail pricing more so than trade.

Not used by auctions or traders but can be a cheap resource for giving you rough prices and very good with standard vehicle specification listings is Parkers

Of course, guides dont buy or sell cars, they are merely an indicator and are of more use to car finance actuaries and large fleet underwriters. On the ground knowledge of ever shifting market trends is still the most important metric. We base our experience on physically attending over twenty major car and van auctions weekly. We have staff at BCA and Manheim most days of the week. We also have staff back in the office checking auction prices online and studying trends in price changes and stock availability from major publications such as Autotrader and Exchange & Mart as well as catalogueing online sold prices from eBay,Motors and pistonheads amongst others.

Most importantly we have extensive knowledge of the used car market in the countries we export to. For example in New Zealand we track prices and model equivalents from Trade Me and Autobase As well as listening to feedback from dealers on a daily basis.

In Ireland we keep an eye on major websites such as Carzone and Done-Deal And again we are in constant contact with dealers to hear what models are selling and why.

UK Guide prices can be innacurate when it comes to the specialised export market. For example certain colours and models will fetch a far greater premium to an exporter than to the domestic UK market. We are aware of month/age regulations for South America and Africa, Co2 Emmission Changes and vehicle registration tax for countries such as Ireland and Malta. Obviously high spec low mileage VAT Qualifying cars are making a premium in the far east and Australasia and with our weekly sales updates we can accurately predict the real selling price of a car before we even attend an auction.

We can also inform our trade customers of bi-yearly number plate change dates and target sale where the first batches of ex lease vehicles will be available for sale as soon as the latest number plate change has been enacted.

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