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Auction Checking

Inspection of a used car at British car Auctions



We can provide weekly auction schedules in advance and highlight manufacturer sales we are planning on attending.

We also have a trade list of over 2000 trade vehicles which gets updated daily and is exclusively distributed to our partners. This list only features the best value from the UKs Fleet and Remarketing companies.

If you have selected a car that you want to bid on then send a provisional bid through our live bidding notification system. Or contact us as soon as you possibly can via email. We will do our background checks on the car and confirm model specification/colour options and service records. Using our market knowledge we can give you our best evaluation of what we expect the market price to be.

On the morning of the sale our buyers will give your target car an inspection and notify you well in advance of the auction start time of their evaluation. We can email you photographs of any damage or extra spec that would have a baring on your final bid price. Our buyers are accessible at all times by phone, email or skype. Depending on how late or early it is you can choose to give them a call to discuss or request a callback.

Buyers at UK car auctions do not have the benefit of road testing cars. Until the auction actually starts the majority of the cars will be locked which is why all our buyers have backgrounds in body repairs and paint rectification. Our buyers will access a car for any previous repairs and investigate if it was only cosmetic repairs or anything more sinister. We will reject any cars that appear to have had major panel replacement or structural repairs. We are also conscious of corrosion problems with UK cars and will carry out an underside inspection with Hi-beam led lights. All UK cars will have surface rust and corrosion on brake/exhaust and suspension components but our buyers will reject any cars with excessive rust or corrosion that reaches into structural areas.

Any bidding prices agreed will be subject to change once we gain access to the vehicle and get to check interior,electrics and mechanicals. We will not bid on any cars that we suspect has any mechanical problems. We will not bid on cars with major interior damage or cars that will never make prime retail stock, for example cars that have been excessively smoked in or have wear and odour from animals. We wont bid on any cars with any major warning lights or fault codes showing that appear to need further investigation. Subject to customers approval we will adjust our bids accordingly for service indicators or brake wear indicator warnings. We will attempt to check that all interior features such as sat nav/sunroof/Aircon/electric windows/memory seats etc are working as described. We will adjust our bids for any interior repairs and or valeting which may be required.

If your bid is successful we will notify you immediately and later that evening send you on some high quality photos, auction invoices,sellers declaration and our report of suggested rectifications that you will need to attend to for your new stock to be retail ready.

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