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Vehicle Inspection


  • We specialise in volume vehicle inspection, at auction and at Fleet disposal companies
  • Our buyers are highly trained with backgrounds in Automotive Body Repair.  We train buyers to work in high volume situations were time is of the essence
  • At Auction we can evaluate a requested vehicle and give you a comprehensive report on its condition prior to bidding
  • We provide an overall assessment, Giving an accurate description of any prior repairs or existing faults
  • we accurately estimate the cost to make a vehicle retail ready
  • Our focus goes beyond bodywork and major mechanicals and we target  the finer details that make retailing easier. Accurate Spec checking,Condition of Interior trim,Glass,Tyres,under-body corrosion. We will notify you if a car has been smoked in
  • We investigate a cars paperwork,  making sure Service history and Logbooks are present and correct.  We assess servicing records, letting you know how long until the vehicle will require its next workshop visit and how much it is likely to cost. We check for cam-belt changes, Manufacturers recalls and investigate past MOT certificates for any fails or advisory notices.  Any prior lease agreements are noted and we will contact finance companies on your behalf to ensure the cars title is clear
  • We give our forthright conclusion outlining why we believe you should or should not seek to purchase a vehicle.  We reject far more cars than we approve
  • Using years of experience and studying all available Price indicators we can give you an accurate estimate of a vehicles likely selling price
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