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Ipprezzar Data


  • We have analysed Auction and retail prices in the UK and overseas RHD markets for over five years
  • whilst using traditional guide information, we also factor in market conditions and spec/colour combinations coupled with recent sales info to give you a real world estimate price for cars you are bidding on
  • We learn our customers stock requirements and can notify you of any market changes which may increase/decrease supply
  • Using our historical data and pricing experience we can predict a models depreciaton over 6 months to 2 years and target a time period when models will become workable in your market
  • Pricing data, analysis and estimates are free to our customers


The major UK auctions will provide pricing data for all cars on sale which makes pricing estimates easier.

The big two price guide companies are Cap and Glass Guide

The Auctions will also include an amalgam price based on their historical sales records. This figure is generally innaccurate as a metric.

The industry accepted underwrite price for the majority of cars is “Cap Clean”. “Glass Trade” is also an accepted underwrite guide although it is more accurate on cars of higher price and spec. In a situation where the two guides compliment each other it is a good sign that the pricing information is accurate. In situations where there are large disparities between the two we can inform you using our market data if one of the guides is being soft or hard on a car. Guide prices can only give approximate estimates to added extras based on age of the vehicle. Our buyers on the ground will know exactly how much value certain factory extras can add to a cars hammer price. There are also seasonal colours and spec levels to watch for.

It should be noted that all UK car price guides are based on sales data and obviously a car such as a Ford Mondeo Diesel Zetec which is sold in multiples daily will be far easier to accurately price than an AMG C63 coupe which only sells in small volumes monthly.

It should also be noted that guide prices are based on the UK market and expected values. They cannot take into account external pressures of the export market which can be driven by strong currency surges or local tax law changes etc. Again in all these cases we have the available knowledge to give you accurate price information on the cars you are looking to buy.

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